26 april: Why I wear, what I wear? – Storytelling workshop with F/ACT

I samarbete med RETHINK Borås erbjuder Science Park Borås och F/ACT Movement onsdagen den 26 april kl 16–18 en workshop kring storytelling och hållbart mode.

Workshopen hålls på engelska och är en del av F/ACT Movements forskningsprojekt #weaveyourstory, som leds av Science Park Borås forskningsassistent Jamila Juzer Siamwalla.

Var? RETHINK, Åsbogatan 3, 503 36 Borås

När? Kl 16–18 den 26 april 2023 (gratis men föranmälan krävs)

Mer information och anmälan

About the workshop (in English):

Jump away from your smartphones for a bit to come together and talk about your clothes! To weave now is—to think, feel, reflect and write and save on what is worn.

Since clothes even after purchase are in a dire state of unusefulness, when already producing clothes has a heavy social, environmental and economic impact on society.

F/ACT Movement is a project at the Science Park Borås that works towards sustainable fashion consumption. #weaveyourstory is a research initiative within F/ACT that through storytelling seeks to explore the experiences of clothes that are in use in order to elevate their use.

What we need with you: Two garments—one that you wear the most and another that you don’t wear often!

That’s it! For a small step toward a sustainable wardrobe. And we are looking forward to welcoming you!

The workshop will be held in English and is free to attend! Register first since we have limited seats.

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