Textile Movement (english)

Textile Movement is a joint project in western Sweden to establish Region Västra Götaland as a pioneering textile cluster in Europe, spearheading sustainable and circular innovation in the industry.

By gathering the competitive edge in the area, the goal with Textile Movement is to attract local and foreign investments and to facilitate professional development within the textile and fashion industry. The long-term ambition is to embrace and further develop West-Sweden’s already long-established historical expertise within textile.

Textile Movement includes a diversity of public and private actors who will collaborate to establish a shared platform and a thriving, innovative community. The platform will be divided into six focus areas in the textile industry:

  • Circular design
  • Access to local production
  • Material development
  • Open innovation spaces
  • Talents of the future
  • Public test markets

Science Park Borås will coordinate Textile Movement as a whole, and the six focus areas will be directed by various actors in the region.

For questions contact Anna-Karin Sundelius, Project Manager at Science Park Borås: anna-karin.sundelius@hb.se

Textile Movement is launched during the fall of 2022, follow the project on its website: